Latest News: September 2019 – Meet the Author Interviews with the Most Views

Meet the Author Interview with Most Views for September 2019:

#1 Not the Life Imagined by Anne Pettigrew

#1 Horseshoes & Hand Grenades by S.M. Stevens

Meet the Author Interview with Second Most Views for September 2019:

#2 Devil in the Wind by Frank Prem

Meet the Author Interview with Third Most Views for September 2019:

#3 The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing by Katrina Hart

Top Three Countries With the Most Traffic to Meeting the Authors in September 2019:

Thank you for taking the time to read more about these authors and sharing the interviews on this website. A great deal of work goes into these interviews by the authors and by me. Deep gratitude! –Camilla, Founder & Host

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Latest News: Coming Soon – Book Blog Tours by MTA

Meeting the Authors website launched a month and a half ago. It’s been a whirlwind with wonderful and talented authors taking advantage of our fun and quirky interview style!

The interview slots are booked through November 2019! Can you believe that? However, slots have been left open to accommodate book launch dates and our newest offering coming soon ….. Book Blog Tours!

Packages are being created and book bloggers are being contacted! Being interviewed on Meeting the Authors (MTA) will ALWAYS be at no cost to the author and will be included free of charge with all packages. There will be an administrative fee for organizing the tour. However, if an author only desires the interview on MTA, there will be no charge.

The book blog tours are for previously published books and upcoming publication dates. If this is as popular as when the MTA website launched, you are encouraged to secure your spot in the queue by completing the below contact form. As this will begin as a one woman operation, the amount of requests accepted may be limited.

With much gratitude for everyone’s enthusiasm and kindness! –Camilla, Host of Meeting the Authors