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If you are an author, please complete the form below. Your book does not have to be newly published or about to debut. Publication date matters not on this website; as long as readers can still purchase the book somewhere. If you have been interviewed on MTA in the past, please wait at least 6 months before reapplying. If you have previously been interviewed, you can apply for a Friday with Friends feature.

The interviews will post as they are received and added to the line-up. We are not able to schedule for specific dates.

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*Disclaimer: You are not guaranteed to be featured. This is a privately owned website and being featured is at the discretion of the owners. We truly love authors, artists, and the books they write. However, material that is hateful, encourages discrimination, or glorifies murder, suicide, rape, incest, violence or is written solely to entertain those who pursue these things will not be featured (unless it is an historical fiction or non-fiction).



If you would like to be interviewed, please complete the form below. This Book Blogger Interview Series is for book bloggers who DO NOT charge for reviews. If you charge for a review, this series isn’t for you. Thank you.