Latest News: Taking a Vacation from Meeting the Authors

Hello everyone!

As a birthday present to myself, I’ll be taking a vacation from Meeting the Authors for the month of March. I turned 51 on February 26th, with it aligning perfectly with having made my way through the authors who wanted to be interviewed from the last time the Contact form was opened.

When I return around April 1st, the Contact form will re-open for authors and book bloggers who would like to be interviewed. If you have outstanding questions and answers, feel free to return them, and yours will be at the top of the list.

(Gorgeous new sun catcher – Lovely birthday gift from my mom)

I will continue to be active on facebook, twitter, instagram, my personal blog, and in facebook groups. If we aren’t connected on those platforms, I’m happy to connect there, too. I’m incredibly behind on responding to author interviews and guest posts for myself, personal matters, and creating an Etsy storefront for my daughter’s artwork. I’ll be busy!

While I’m at it, I haven’t properly introduced myself since I began this website in May 2019. To learn more about me, my MTA interview can be found here …

(Returning from picking up my birthday lunch on February 26, 2021 – South Indian Cuisine)

I leave you with me dancing while cooking dinner in celebration of my 51st birthday! Hahaha! Hope everyone has a wonderful March! – Camilla