Book Shelf: The Right Word – Roget and His Thesaurus

The Right Word – Roget and His Thesaurus by Jen Bryant

**Throwback to 2015** – From the time Thomas and Lillian were born I read to them nightly before going to bed; leading to some time in 2017 when we all decided to discontinue doing so. Their tastes in what interested each of them had solidified by this point. We all continue to be heavy readers, reading daily.

Just another great book I read to Thomas and Lillian – Wonderful book of the life of P.M. Roget and how Roget’s Thesaurus came to be. –Camilla

“Measured on the vast scale of the universe, the globe we inhabit appears but as an atom; and yet, within the compass of this atom, what an inexhaustible variety of objects is contained; what an endless diversity of phenomena is presented; what wonderful changes are occurring in rapid and perpetual succession!” – P.M. Roget

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