Book Shelf: Grounded Spirituality by Jeff Brown

Grounded Spirituality by Jeff Brown

I began reading this about 5 months prior to finishing it. At about 370 pages, it’s definitely not a quick read. I didn’t get finished with it the first time I checked it out from the library. Then it was lost within the library system for about a month. And, then it reappeared! HA! So … finally got to finish it!!

It was exactly what I needed to read at the exact moment I needed it! Unlike any I’ve ever read. Eye and heart opening. I did find myself getting irritated with some of the content; yet, it hit home for me. I would not have been ready for this content years ago. Specifically, the topic of spiritual bypassing, avoiding what calls to be healed within us.

Walking into my own shadows, darkness, and triggers is something I shifted to doing in 2016. This book reinforced the path I had been on since then. Incredibly happy that I requested the library purchase this one and that they did purchase it!

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