Book Shelf: Painted Oxen by Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Painted Oxen by Thomas Lloyd Qualls

This book is unlike any other I’ve read. First of all, I love the cover and the title. That was enough to draw me to the book. A visionary fictional story following two men on separate pilgrimages.

One of my favorite passages from the book, “…. Thera are many guides on this path. There are the leaves and the birds, the wind and the stones, the sun and the moon, the stars and the soil. Each has its own language to teach …. “

This is one of those books to own so it can be read more than once, at different times, as I’m sure it’s meaning will shift as my path shifts.

I interviewed Thomas Lloyd Qualls on this website in August 2019. Follow the link below to learn more about Thomas.

Meet the Author: Painted Oxen by Thomas Lloyd Qualls

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