Latest News: Contact Form is Now Open

The time has arrived to re-open the Contact form for authors! The form will only be open long enough for about 20 authors to apply. This could happen within an hour or up to one week. At that time, the Contact form will close once again. This is to avoid having a back log of wonderful authors who wish to be interviewed.

**Update on Monday, October 19, 2020 – Contact form is once again closed. Be sure to subscribe to the site so you receive notification when it re-opens. It is always posted on the blog FIRST, before any social media.**

If you have been interviewed on MTA in the past, please wait at least 1 year (and with a new book published), before reapplying to be interviewed. However, if it’s been longer than 6 months since your interview, you can complete the contact form for a “Friday with Friends” feature. Make sure to note that in the comments of the contact form.

In addition, I interview book bloggers once or twice per month. If you are a book blogger, and wish to be spotlighted, please complete the Book Blogger contact form.

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Thank you for your continued support of these authors and the interviews on this website. A great deal of work goes into these interviews by the authors and me. Deep gratitude! –Camilla, Founder & Host

Latest News: May 2019 – Meet the Author Interviews with Most Views

I am incredibly late with posting this. However, I hope to get us caught up through July in the following couple of weeks. – Camilla

Meet the Author Interview with Most Views for May 2019:

Dropzone by Stewart Giles

Meet the Author Interview with Second Most Views for May 2019:

Barefoot on the Cobbles: a Devon tragedy by Janet Few

Meet the Author Interview with Third Most Views for May 2019:

In Bloom Not Broken by Katie Maylea

Top Three Countries With the Most Traffic to Meeting the Authors:

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